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Artificial Intelligence products for professionals

We at Silberskript provide state-of-the-art artificial intelligence image and text processing products and services. Our experts boast many years of experience of always working with the most cutting-edge machine learning technologies.

Our custom-tailored solutions represent the spearhead of what is currently possible by utilizing AI.

Image processing

Transforming workflows of professionals utilizing state-of-the-art
AI-powered image processing technologies

Pattern recognition

Our extremely powerful machine learning models allow for advanced pattern recognition across multiple images.
We apply a vast array of methods and tools to provide world class level pattern recognition, which is currently made use of by products for the printing industry (defect recognition & categorization).

Image segmentation

Our AI models can be used to identify and isolate specific parts of a given image. In our current projects, this technology is used to analyze CT scans to identify and segment specific organs from the entire image, as well es in the printing industry where our team makes use of segmentation techniques in the training process of advanced defect detection models.

Image enhancement

Optimize your images using our optimized according to your needs by simply providing text-based prompts defining how a given image should be modified.


Image analysis

Derive descriptions of your data with our powerfull AI models trained specifically on your data sets.

Image segmentation for CT scans

Example: Identifying the heart in a CT scan image 

Input image

Prediction example

Smoothed average of all predictions

Overlayed prediction on input image

Overlayed prediction mask on input image

Final output

ChatGPT based Tools

Transforming workflows of professionals utilizing specialized
AI-powered content creation and analysis

Assisted content creation

Optimize your workflow with AI-generated suggestions of the highest quality, custom tailored to your specific content creation process.


Experience the transformative power of our AI creating summarization perfectly integrated into your specific workflow.

Information extraction

Find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of seconds by incorporating our data extraction models in your day-to-day routines and custom data sets.

Systematic content creation

Unleash the full potential of AI by:

  1. First defining the exact structure of the desired content type.
  2. And subsequently providing the information with which to systematically create new content.

Expertise in utilizing AI

Our experts boast a tremendous amount of experience with state-of-the-art AI models and techniques.

Check out some of our codex demo projects:

“Zsh Codex”

This is a ZSH plugin that enables you to use OpenAI’s powerful Codex AI in the command line. OpenAI Codex is the AI that also powers GitHub Copilot. To use this plugin you need to get access to OpenAI’s Codex API.


This project is a set of programs that I use to create a file.

It reads program files and concatenates the beginning of all files to create a input prompt which is then fed to OpenAI Codex to generate a README.


This is a program that suggests solutions for errors in the command line using OpenAI’s Codex AI to produce suggestions.

You just need to prepend `fix` to your command and the AI will suggest solutions.

“Vim Codex”

This is a simple plugin for Vim that will allow you to use OpenAI Codex. To use this plugin you need to get access to OpenAI’s Codex API.

The plugin provides a CreateCompletion command which you can call by default using the mapping <Leader>co. You can give the CreateCompletion command the number of tokens it should produce as an argument, e.g. CreateCompletion 1000. If you want to just complete the current line, run CreateCompletionLine.

AI data analyzer

Automatically analyses tabular data based on the description provided.  

Custom applications

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